Upwave Introduces Productivity Bot for Hangouts Chat by G Suite

Upwave’s productivity bot for Hangouts Chat is now available! At its core is an AI that understands natural language. It is instructed not to spam users with unwanted messages.


The Upwave productivity bot for Hangouts Chat is a two-way AI bot. You can talk to it either in private or in a chat room. It will help you and your team to create, delegate, and list tasks (cards) directly inside the chat. You can also configure the bot to send you private notifications when something important occurs in Upwave that involves you. A chat-room will never get spammed with messages that don’t matter to you!

Natural language

The bot understands natural language and can sometimes follow up with a question if something is unclear. For example, a command like @Upwave create Remember to schedule meeting with Sofie tomorrow, will ask you on what board you’d like the card “Remember to schedule meeting with Sofie” to be added. “Tomorrow” will be understood as tomorrow at noon, but the bot understands a wide range of dates, for example, “tomorrow morning” or “next Tuesday”.

Another very useful feature is to ask the bot to find information. For example, you can ask the bot to list your own or a colleagues’ tasks for the upcoming week or what they did yesterday. This is perfect in scenarios like a remote status meeting.


Personal Assistant

Sending a direct message to the bot will initiate the personal assistant. The assistant will notify you privately on important events happening in Upwave. For example, it will let you know when one of your tasks is due or if someone sent you a High Five. It will never post to a chat-room where others may receive unwanted information. You can, of course, configure the assistant to stop sending specific types of notifications or turn it off altogether.

Preview of Upwave boards and cards

Linking to Upwave cards and boards naturally in a conversation has never been easier. You can ask the bot to preview a card or board for everyone to see by simply pasting in the URL.

The card will then be displayed for all in the room (or privately if you’d like) with action buttons to assign/unassign yourself or complete it.


Try it out

Trying out the bot is easy if you already have a G-Suite account. Head over to https://chat.google.com and find the bot by typing @Upwave in a chat room or as a Direct Message. If you do not have an Upwave account the bot will create one for you with a free 14-day trial.

The new number one! Norway, the home of UpWave, is the happiest country in the world in 2017

Lessons about the balance between work and personal life, and the importance of teamwork.


Recently, the World Happiness Report selected Norway as the happiest country in the world in 2017, leaving behind Denmark, Iceland, and Switzerland. According to Meik Wiking – Executive Director of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, there is a common factor among the top countries on this list, they all have a clear and defined understanding of the sense of community. In addition, they have defined happiness through factors such as solidarity, freedom, generosity, honesty, health and good governance practices.

20 Happiest countries in the world 2017

Source: World Happiness Report 2017

To say that the Norwegians are the happiest people in the world is for many something obvious, especially if we have in mind that is a country with such a solid economy. However, this was not always the case, there were difficult times of war and recession that marked the life of this country. Norwegian culture has been shaped by a survival story, which, amidst the hardships of climate and isolation, has managed to maintain a lively spirit of work that overcomes extreme conditions. In part, because they have managed to keep alive their basic principles of equity and equality, which allows them to work for the common welfare of all their citizens until today.

The conquest of the first place as the happiest country in the world is the result of constant work that reinforces their high levels of mutual trust, shared goals, generosity, and good government. The individual success does not surpass the gains obtained in the collective, a factor common to the Scandinavian countries.

Teamwork has been a determining factor

In Norway’s villages and small towns, people have always given great importance to teamwork, meeting regularly and volunteering to carry out community projects for the joy and sense of community that this entails.

A special attention is given to one of the most relevant pillars of happiness, happiness at work. Understanding that people spend most of their time at work, an environment in which they carry out the greatest amount of daily activities, this has been of great interest to the government that has given a special reinforcement to matters of labor well-being and unemployment. Based on a concept that is part of their culture, “Hygge“, something that goes beyond wellbeing and comfort, Hygge is an attitude, a way of being, something that can be applied to all aspects of life, and at work shows us that fun does not sacrifice the expected results in a company.

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-14-59-13Download the guide – The 7 secrets to team “Hygge”

Balance between work and well-being

Despite difficult weather conditions in Norway, where the temperature can reach -25 degrees, people do not complain. It is the opposite, during six months of the year despite being under snow, people continue to carry out their daily activities without any limitation.


Nature plays a very important role in the life of the Norwegians. With breathtaking mountains, flora, fauna and northern lights, biodiversity in its territory has no end. Due to this, outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and trips to the base huts in the mountains or in the forest, are activities that surely guarantee the happiness of a Norwegian.

Move away from the outmoded

Beyond being a happy country, Norway understood the importance of collective well-being, the value of the family, the necessary care of the environment and its surroundings, equality, and humility as the basis of their society. The one that does not forget its past, but that is considered one of the most avant-garde of the world, a perfect mixture that results in a society and a happier life.

noruega-pais-mais-feliz-mundo-conexao-planetaPhoto: Nancy Bundt – Visitnorway.com

There is a lot of learning left by Norwegian culture, including its minimalist meaning, something that is increasingly ingrained and implemented in any aspect of its community and that gives the Nordic country an advantage over others.

Enjoying the simple pleasures of life and appreciating the environment, friends, family and community is a quality that we can all incorporate into our daily routine in our family and work environment to achieve a more positive and happy life.
Learn more about UpWave: https://www.upwave.io/latam.

Announcing new November features

UpWave is Task Management for Teams made easy. Sign up for your 30 day free trial today!

Here at UpWave we are always striving to improve your experience. One of our most important principles is to develop UpWave to suit your needs, which is why we appreciate all the feedback we receive from our customers.With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce our biggest update so far, designed solely to make UpWave more useful and help you get more done, together.

Activity feed on Boards

Simply click on the Board name (in this screenshot, that is “Marketing Q4” and in the drop down menu click on Board Activity. All activity history within that board will now be displayed. This means you can quickly and easily track who did what and when.

Skjermbilde 2016-11-15 kl. 14.58.46.png

Activity feed on Cards

Click on any card and scroll down to the bottom of the comments section. Here you’ll find the “Show activity” button which will give you details on all activity that has happened on this specific card since it was created. This gives you an even more detailed overview of who is doing what and when, at the click of a button.

In addition, comments you have made can now be easily edited through the 3 dot menu at the right of each comment.

Skjermbilde 2016-11-15 kl. 14.43.37.png

Drag and drop your colors

This feature makes sorting your colors easier – simply drag and drop as you want and arrange colors to suit your workflow.

Skjermbilde 2016-11-15 kl. 13.25.11.png

Other highlights include:

  • Invoices are available as a downloadable PDF
  • New language! UpWave is now available in Dutch – heel graag gedaan!

Thanks again to all our growing international user community for providing such fantastic feedback! Any features that you would love to have in UpWave, we encourage you to get in touch with us at https://www.upwave.io/contact . We are always happy to hear from you, it is more helpful than you think.


The UpWave Team

UpWave is Task Management for Teams made easy. Sign up for your 30 day free trial today! 

We are pleased to announce the launch of UpWave´s new website

We are delighted to officially announce the launch of our newly designed website -upwave.io.!


The past months, our team has been dedicated working on improvement of the content, structure and layout of our webpage. Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about UpWave and find it visually appealing.

We aim to continue the improvement by constantly updating with content and useful information, blogs, newsletters, company announcements and client success in the testimonial section.

We would like to thank everyone that has contributed in this process.

For any questions, suggestions or feedback feel free to contact us!

Sincerely, The UpWave Team


Introducing our newest features

We have rolled out new features silently since August 17th. Many of these have been requested by our most active users. Thanks!

Some highlights:
– Subtasks – just enter subtasks on any card
– My assigned cards – see your overdue cards and upcoming workload
– Public api – https://www.upwave.io/api/ (for integrating other services)
– Set board background image (see screenshot)

Screenshot note: remember to use a neutral image to ensure good readability.

  • Copy card – Click “more options” (the dots) on any card, and copy card.
  • Import board – click “import board” lower left on main team page.
  • Export board – click the dots top right on any board (in team view)  or in the drop-down menu if inside a board.
  • Icons on cards displaying subtask progress and if the card has comments or not.
  • A “toast” that gives a confirmation on saving card/color/columns etc.
  • New board settings – makes navigation between administrating the board and actually working on the board much easier. All users may also see the settings but some users may not be able to edit the settings. The settings can in addition be opened from the dashboard. In the participant list on this panel, you can see when a participant last visited the board.
  • We added a new option to “Leave board”.

Thanks once again to our international and growing user community for providing feedback! Please continue keeping in touch.

The UpWave team

UpWave is growing

Last month a new member joined our team here at UpWave. We are happy to welcome Ane Skjerpe to UpWave.

Ane has a background in Marketing and Sales and she will help us grow our online presence, PR and communications.

Interested in finding out more about Ane? Then visit her LinkedIn Page – here.