Organize Your Work in 60 Seconds with The One Minute To-Do List

The One Minute To-Do list (1MTD) is a productivity system developed by Michael Linenberger. It’s called the One Minute To-Do list because it takes just a minute to set it up and a minute to review it each day.

The system is based on organizing your to-dos in 3 lists;

1. Critical Now: Tasks that are absolutely due today

2. Opportunities Now: Tasks that are urgent, but can wait up to 10 days

3. Over-The-Horizon:
Tasks that can wait 10 days or more

How To Use The One Minute To-Do List

Start by creating 3 different lists based on urgency; “Critical now”,” Opportunities now” and “Over-the-horizon”. Use 20 seconds on each list and braindump all tasks that come to mind.

The One Minute To-Do List

1. Critical Now

✓ Write down tasks that are absolutely due today.
✓ These tasks would impact you negatively if you don’t do them today.
✓ Keep the list to 5 items or less.
✓ Review this list once each hour

2. Opportunities Now

✓ Write down tasks that are urgent, but can wait up to 10 days.
✓ These are tasks you would do today if you had the opportunity.
✓ Keep the list to 20 items or less.
✓ Review this list once each day.

3. Over-The-Horizon

✓ Write down all tasks that can wait 10 days or more.
✓ These are not urgent, but writing them down gives a mental relief.
✓ Review this list once a week.

Create Your One Minute To-Do List In Upwave

Make your one minute to-do list digital with Upwave. Select the ”One Minute To-Do List”- template. You can change the colors on your cards and add your own background if you like. By default the colors represent priority, but you can change this by click on the gear-icon. Start adding tasks to the different columns and set due dates on them. Remember to assign the tasks to yourself! You can also add one column called ”Completed”, where you put your tasks when they’re finished.

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De-clutter Your Inbox with the Upwave Add-On for Gmail

We are excited to announce our new Upwave add-on for Gmail! You can now turn your emails into Upwave tasks with the click of a button.

With the Upwave Add-On for Gmail, you will never lose important information again. Spend less time in your inbox and more time on actually getting work done.  

  • Remove the fear of things being forgotten: Make your emails actionable by creating a task for it in Upwave
  • Gather all relevant information in one place: Subject line and email body will automatically be added to your Upwave card
  • Get full overview of your commitments: Visualize, organize and prioritize the action items from your inbox on Upwave boards

How To Get Started

1. Go to G Suite Marketplace and install the Upwave Gmail Add-On

You can also install the Upwave Gmail Add-On directly from your inbox. Just click on “Get add-ons” in the inbox sidebar, and search for “Upwave”.

2. From your Gmail inbox, select the email you want to turn into a task and click on the Upwave icon

3. Authorize access and log in to Upwave

Before you log in to Upwave, you need to approve access to your Gmail account. Simply click on “Authorize access” and “allow” in the next window. You are now ready to log into your Upwave account or create new account.

4. Select the board you want to create your task in and click create card

Select the board where you want to place your task from the dropdown menu. The subject line and the email body will automatically be added to the card header and description. If you like, you can edit the card description before you click “Create card”.

5. Click “View card” to see your task in Upwave

Voilà, you’re all set to start de-cluttering your inbox!